9th Edition of the National Commercial & Industrial Insulation Standards Manual

Monday, September 13 2021 2:38 PM

Available soon is the release of the latest revision to the National Commercial and Industrial Insulation Standards (NCIIS) manual: the 9th Edition. This latest edition includes: updates to existing plates, the addition of several new plates developed upon request from industry to show additional details of certain applications, and updated information for material specifications and standards. 

This manual is published as a service to contractors, engineers, designers, owners, and the mechanical insulation industry in general. The manual was conceived by MICA and the initial edition was introduced in 1979.  Since then, this resource has grown to be recognized as the authoritative source for specifying and communicating installation details for mechanical insulation systems across the United States and internationally. The National Insulation Association (NIA) has been a long-time partner and promoter of this manual and teaches its use as part of some the NIA training courses.

 With the introduction of the 9th Edition, MICA is pleased to announce that the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC) has agreed to formally endorsement the manual throughout Canada.  The manual has been commonly referred to as the “MICA Manual” since its introduction to the industry, but now, to highlight its expanded use across all of North America, the manual has been renamed to the North American Commercial and Industrial Insulation Standards (NACIIS) manual.  The TIAC logo is now featured on the front cover of the manual, as well as NIA logo, showing both organizations’ national recognition and endorsement, and providing recognition to TIAC’s members for their support of the manual.  NIA and TIAC will promote the NACIIS to increase awareness and education among its members and affiliates, and to nonmembers, engineers, owners, and specifiers.

Check the MICA website for ordering information once the 9th edition is released.

Please contact the MICA office with your questions.

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