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Membership Benefits

MICA was established in 1956. Membership in the Midwest Insulation Contractors Association provides you and your firm the opportunity to be part of a professional and dynamic association of commercial and industrial insulation contractors, abatement contractors, associate manufacturer/distributor and material supply firms, and affiliate firms that interact with the insulation industry. Membership allows you to be part of the following accomplishments and participate in the following activities:


  • Affiliation With the National Insulation Association and Five Sister Regional Associations
  • Semi-Annual Association Meetings for the Sharing of Technical and Educational Information
  • The Interchange of Business Concerns Among the 65 Contractor Member Firms and 65 Associate and Affiliate Member Firms
  • Access to the Technical Expertise of the Members
  • Access to the Association’s Legal Counsel on Legal Matters Facing Your Company. (Legal Fees are the Responsibility of the Individual Member)


  • Participation in Educational Programs Sponsored by the Association
  • Development of Educational and Training Material for Members; Developed A Collection of Asbestos Abatement Information Manual for MICA Members
  • Tool Box Safety Talks Available to MICA Members
  • Supervisory Training
  • Firestop Seminars
  • Estimating Seminars
  • Cash Flow Seminars
  • Internet Seminars
  • Project Management Seminars

This is just a few of the activities and accomplishments of MICA. If you want to help your insulation and abatement industry, if you want to be associated with a group of professional contractors and associates, if you want to improve your business professionally, if you want to grow professionally and personally, then you want to be a participating member of the Midwest Insulation Contractors Association!